Summit Al-Akash Co.



Who we are

Akash summit company specialized in the field of Iraqi networks and information technology, has a number of British and American agencies, possess competent engineering staff in its field, headquartered in Basra and a branch in Najaf and, God willing, will have branches in all governorates of Iraq.

Our goal

We recognize that the infrastructure in the field of networks in Iraq need to pause serious for the Advancement of reality and move pace and confident in order to configure the network system integrated in all joints Iraq government and private and our commitment to this we started to be one of the companies pioneering in this area, including owned company from the experiences and energies in the field of information and communication technology as well as sober origins are dealing with our company to be our best, so we had a different fingerprint in the projects that we have accomplished in the inside and outside Iraq, our goal is to build facilities and institutions smart Intelligent Building.

Compnay Introduction

Formed in 2011, Summit Al-Akash General Trading and Engineering Co. Ltd. started as a professional networking solution provider in Iraq based on a long experience in Middle East projects especially at UAE. The company has focused on delivering the Iraq's most complex communications and end-to-end network solution and infrastructure projects by using the latest technologies and the highest standard.

Summit Al-Akash has targeted to take an active role in the building network infrastructure in the country of Iraq to rebuild the country into a new era of economic and social freedom.

Summit Al-Akash has a branch in Dubai, United Arab Emirates to facilitate logistic and finance supports to the company. This facility can help us to deliver faster and better services to the customers in the country.

Summit Al-Akash takes enormous pride in the depth of experience within its executive team in a wide range of solutions. Having expert professionals is a high potential advantage of our company. The team work all together to provide an absolute customer satisfaction.


Summit Al-Akash continuously looking for the most talented, self-motivated individuals to join its dynamic team. Our company advantages are: Innovation, Expertise, Trust, Agility Loyalty and Value

If you think that you have are a sharp person with a valued vision and high personal mastery, please send your resume to attention HR manager.