Summit Al-Akash Co.



Akash summit official agent for:

- Brand-Rex
- MK Electric (by Honeywell)
- Brocade
- Blue Coat
- Pelco (by Schneider Electric)
- Edimax
- Cannon
- Kaspersky
- Proxim

A British company for the production of electrical materials.

MK is the largest international companies in the field of electricity and its extensive experience in this area make them confident strides in all parts of the world, containing the company's stores in Iraq on large quantities of all products this prestigious company.

Brand-rex British automaker optical cable and copper cable and all belongings networks

One of the leading companies in this field and resonate widely in the field of information technology, has implemented our many projects in Iraq using optical cable and cable copper and other products from this leading company.


Company specialized in the field of networking (Switch, Router, Datacenter, access point) industry and our company has used many of these products in our projects in Iraq.


protect company to ( WAN security ) and ( Web security ) This company big role in the manufacture of hardware and software protection of networks and communication systems and this company is proud to be manufactured to American museums protection systems and a number of banks in Europe.

Pleco to surveillance cameras and security systems

This is the first company in the world in the manufacture of surveillance cameras (security camera) and has a huge potential and a giant in this field, our company has equipped many of the security services and service in Iraq, including the campus of Muslim bin Aqeel (AS) and the Kufa mosque.